Tyr and Fenris [Big] - PENDANT

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Solid silver axe pendant by Viking Kristall. Dane axe depicting the Fenris wolf and Tyr, the wise, brave and honourable god, invoked for victory in battles. Size 3,8cm.
Design by Kai Uwe Faust.

This piece of jewellery was designed by Kai Uwe Faust in collaboration with Viking Kristall; a family cooperation based in Sweden that has worked with Kai since 2005.

Viking Kristall produces high end classic Nordic jewellery and replicas of Viking age items. All their jewelleries are handmade, following painstakingly old styles and techniques fitting living history display and Viking age re-enactment.

Viking Kristall holds a whole product line designed by Kai. Every piece of that collection has a special story, either depicting elements of the Nordic sagas, relevant moments in history, magic symbols, or new interpretations of Viking age originals.

See more of Kai’s art here: Instagram@nordictattoo / www.tattoo.dk
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